eating the right food is a belief,

Eating right is a belief. As all our beliefs are constructed in our social and cultural context. In order to keep up with the new challenges of our times gathering new nutrition knowledge is essential as learning new skills in any other field.

We need all the macronutrients listed on the food label: proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and the energy that comes with it. But we also need nutrients that we are less familiar with. Everyone seems to know that we need proteins and animal protein is “somehow better”,  though almost nobody can explain why! We circle around a nutrition common knowledge that is superficial and outdated. Our nutrition beliefs are based less on knowledge than we are able to acknowledge. 

I don’t want to shake fundamental beliefs. Make sure you are aware that most of your actions are based on beliefs. Beliefs are constructed in social contexts during long times, many time long before your grandparents were born. So we do not know most of the times the original context in which that “right way of doing”, the “normality” was born or the way it evolved during time. What OTHER PEOPLE DO tends to becomes the natural and NORMAL WAY!

This is the case with meat and animal products. Do your own research, regarding about the history of this topic.

Although many proven scientific reasons to eat less meat was revealed we have a great resistance in reducing meat consumption. This is because of our cultural&social context, food availability, habits…but there is one less visible that is linked with the way we see ourselves.

We see ourselves at the top of the food chain. The most intelligent living creature, entitled to exercise this power. What better way to prove yourself the superiority than eating the inferior. Giving up or just reducing meat consumption makes us feel like giving up the power and status we were invested with. This is why vegetarians and vegans might be seen as awkward people, they seem to be different in a fundamental way. They seem to be less human 🙂

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