The issue

If you ever tried to use a calorie tracking app you might have get into that frustrating moment when the database is not stretching enough though it my include many food choices and many food brands. Some items might be close but not close enough what you actually eat. Another major setback of existing counting apps is the Cooked Meal unavailability. That is the moment I felt there is need to have a more suitable solution.

While counting Kcal using other available solutions, I had this feeling of empty data recording, meaningless information storing. The only interpretation key was the share of the consumed proteins, carbohydrates, fats. I didn’t know if what I ate was good or bad.


The Calorie Counting has one purpose: KNOWLEDGE. We all assume to know ourselves well enough but we are most of the times just guessing. There is no other way to know what you eat other than measuring and tracking. CHANGE is possible ONLY when you KNOW what is there to be changed.

More than Weight Control

Most of us use this calorie trackers in order to loose wight. Tracking is not enough to loose weight! – ACTING BASED ON GATHERED INFORMATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. The goal is to:

  • stop eating when you reach the kcal target
  • replacing high calorie food with less calorie food
  • increasing fiber intake
  • improving the quality of the nutrients

If you do this things the tracking is purposeful as it is THE KEY to a healthier way of eating.

Kcal Source

If you are concerned about nutrition than you should KNOW what you eat. 

And when you focus on the carbohydrates, protein and fat – you are on a misleading path. It sounds scientific, but you do not have any real benefits from this division. Is it giving you any information about the quality of your nutrition? The source of your food can tell you more about the quality of what you put into your body. For instance: fat it is not good or bad. But getting the fat out of raw seed is far healthier than drinking oil.

So we thought to look at food as people usually do – in FOOD GROUPS. And not worry that much about exact calorie counting. (With BodyFoodWeight – we are in a range of +/- 5% overall precision).

We consider far more important knowing where the calories came from. This is what we would like our users to understand. So our app is a first step of bringing more awareness on what we consume. The second personal step we recommend all users to take is learning about the grate variety and abundance of possibilities within every food group.

Balance the Kcal source

Food groups are the way you will find food grouped in the grocery store and in our BodyFoodWeight app as well. We believe that a balanced grocery list will lead to – a balanced store room and ultimately a balanced nutrients availability for you body.

After a few days of using the app, you may be asking yourself: … is it possible to have so many Calories from “meat, diary, sweets, bread, sweets, alcohol” (usually is one of this :)) and so little form “fruits, vegetable and seeds”? Nutrition health issues are linked with lack of sufficient co cereals, beans, vegetables, raw vegetables, fruits, seeds.

Balancing the source of Kcal is an easy way of understanding the quality of your nutrition. Too many Kcal from added oils, meat, diary sweets, alcohol compared with Kcal from seeds, cereals, vegetables is unhealthy!

Fiber – intake

The knowledge should be the source of your actions! So start with a simple onefiber intake. Addressing this one aspect, has major beneficial implication. As taking sufficient fiber (not fiber supplements) will implicitly improve the quality of your nutrition in general.  

Taking enough fiber means increasing the intake of whole cereals, fruits, vegetable, legumes, seeds. Fiber is beneficial in itself. But fiber if consumed as a part of the entire plants that contains it, will exponentially expose you to many other nutrients. So fiber is not just the harder to digest part of our food, increasing bowel movement and stool volume. Increasing fiber intake will expose you to:  folate, phytochemical, carotenoids, vitamins, and manny other things we (usually) are not so familiar with.  The mix of fiber and  the rest of the “other stuff”, as naturally present in whole plants seam to have major impact on improving humans health. The lack of it is associated with high levels of obesity, heart attack, stroke, diabetes!

Fiber intake level is an indicator for our  nutrition quality as well as an indicator of the potentially beneficial ingredients running through our body. More fiber equals better potential general health. 

All of us face the risk of diseases regardless of how we eat or how well we live but the probability of developing a disease is highly reduced consuming consistently whole grains, vegetables, legume, fruits, seeds. 

40% plants – 60% other

Minimum amount of fiber intake, we should consume is  25-30gr./day. The majority of us usually consume only half of it.  

Knowing your plant base calories intake share is by far one of the easiest ways to measure the HEALTH OF YOUR DIET. Minimum fiber intake, based on our calculation may be reached consuming 40% plant-based Kcal. As fiber is available only in plants it is obvious that everybody should have a minimum amount plants in their diets and this is the most important feature of our BodyFoodWeight Ios App.

This is how we believe all our users will benefit from a better nutrition and a meaningful calorie counting!

It is an efficient way precisely because you need to be focused only on one aspect. Nutrition as a subject is such a complex area that it can be unclear where to begin with.

Easy counting

For calorie tracking you need a solution that does not consume to much of your time. In fact is should consume as little as possible. Counting in groups takes much less than measuring items individually.

With BodyFoodWeight App counting time is as little as 2 minutes per day.

You can weight all elements in one group all together. A raw vegetable salad is measured without worrying individually about every ingredient. While measuring by food groups an image of the impact/share of every food group on calories consumption will be built.

You are, hopefully, the kind of person that cooks his own food. So you know that there are many ingredients from various food categories that go into one mix. Using the “Food Mix” section you easily convert cooked food into calories that will automatically go to the right food category.

BodyFoodWeight has the possibility to store recipes that you may reuse as many times as you want. You just need to measure the total amount of your favorite “food mix” = “cooked food”. BodyFoodWeight will distribute the calories automatically into the right food group, reducing considerably the counting time.

The Calories Counting has to be the gate to improve nutrition quality. Including the food that is excluded from your meals: which for the vast majority of us means vegetables and fruits, is more important than Kcal counting . While holding in front of you the image of your Kcal sources you will have the knowledge to act on, taking decisions based on real information and not on a presumption.

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